Mesh Membrane Tietex 272 – 40″

Mesh Membrane Tietex 272 – 40″


T326 GRADE (2.75 OZ) Firm-Finish Stitch Bonded Polyester Roofing Reinforcement Fabric, for Waterproofing – 40″ X 324′ ROLL.


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T326 type stitchbonded polyester fabric is a stitch-bonded, high performance fabric for use in cold applied built-up roofing, elastomeric roof coatings and general roof maintenance systems.
It is used for adding reinforcement to seams, panel overlaps, splits, joints, cracks, protrusions, and flashings.
The FIRM grade of fabric is stiffer.
The fabric has high absorption capability, allowing them to quickly wet into and become encapsulated by liquid roofing systems, forming tough waterproof details and reinforcement.

* Water based coatings
* Acrylic elastomeric roof coatings
* Asphalt coatings
* Acrylic emulsions
* Solvent type coatings
* Mastics


Tensile Strength: 31.6lbs (ASTM D-1682)
Trapezoidal Tear Strength (16 lbs ASTM D-1117)
Elongation: 61-63% (ASTM D-1682)
Mullen Burst (99 lbs (ASTM D-3786)
Weight of Fabric: 2.75 oz. / sq yard
Avg. Thickness: 0.025 in.
Color: White to yellow-white.
Maximum VOC: 0 (g/l).
H.M.I.S. Ratings:
Flammability Rating: 0
Health: 0
Reactivity: 0
Protective Equipment: A


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